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Communicating With a Face Mask

Wearing face masks is now an every day occurrence. But although they’re important to stop the spread of coronavirus - they’re not so great for communication.

Here’s some tips to help keep communication going with your children in our ‘New Normal’:

⭐️Keep talking as you usually would.

Try not to shout or over enunciate - as this tends to distort speech even more. With babies - keep your voice ‘sing- songy’ to keep them engaged.

⭐️Use body language and facial expressions.

When we communicate, we use lots of non verbals alongside speech. Use your eyes and eyebrows to help express your feelings.

⭐️Use gesture.

Get your drama skills going! Point to an object when talking about it. Act out object functions - e.g. When asking if your child wants a drink, mime holding a drink up to your mouth. 🥤

⭐️Get face time face.

Make sure you’re facing your child when interacting. Eye contact and facial expression help get your message across. It will also help you to bond with your baby even when they can’t hear you.

For older children - Tap them to gain their attention and get them to be looking at you before you start to speak.

How are you finding wearing masks when out with your children?

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