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Emily Johnson,

Speech & Language


Hi, I'm Emily and I run Small Talk. I'm a Pediatric Speech and Language Therapist with over 8 years experience of working within Early Years. I love what I do and I'm passionate about empowering parents, caregivers and educators with the tips and tools to support language and communication development. Take a look around, follow us on social media and feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


Early Years Settings



Our training programme equips early years practitioners with a toolkit of strategies, activity ideas and resources to identify and support the development of speech, language and communication in children aged 0-5 in their setting.

Early Language Programme

An 8 week interactive prorgramme led by a Speech and Language Therapist in your setting. Our sessions are designed to boost language skills, promote social and emotional development and create confident communicators.


What Our Parents and Educators Think

N. Parent of 3 year old, Manchester:

"He can say lots more words and is so much more confident. He never used to talk to anyone outside of our family"

Nursery Manager:

" Our local SLT services are so stretched. Having weekly intervention and support from a professional is invaluable."

Early Years Practitioner:

""The children love doing Small Talk and they can't wait for the classes."


Early Language Tips and Advice